My Story

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my site! 

In a massive world we live in today, especially in this infinite digital world, I am glad you paid me a visit. 

This site is created to provide a brief overview of my passions and believes. If you also share similar passions as me, I hope you can join me and make bigger impacts together!  

Before all that, I would like to tell you a little story about myself, so when we do meet one day eventually, I would like to hear all about yours! :)

I was born in Beijing in the 80s from a big family with a lot of people, which is still documented to this day - with a history of over 600 years and 25 generations. Although this sounds cool, it brings a lot of burden especially when traditional values clash with things from the new era…

I spent only a few years in Beijing. For my teenage time, it was mostly spent in Sydney, Australia, where I call home and I have been a proud Chinese Australian!

I graduated in Sydney, although I initially studied accounting (and embarrassingly, I failed accounting after semester one - I guess I am not a number’s guy), I changed my majors to advertising and business management. My three degrees and diplomas from uni were all about brand strategy and business management. 

My mum has her own family business, so when I was little, I always wanted to be my own boss. As soon as I graduated, I opened my own brand agency, and I kept it going for over 10 years. I also established and sold a small telco business providing tier one data centre services. I think I was probably one of the few kids who dedicated their entire 20s mostly to work and nothing else! Looking back now, maybe I would have done something different if I could go back and choose again. I really enjoyed my brand agency time, me and my team worked on many of the internationally well-known brands, such as Bank of America, HSBC, Japan Airlines, Japan National Tourism Organisation, Hermes, Kintetsu, Gucci, Lumiere Mall, and American Express.  

From 2015-2017, I was running the Australian division of a multi-billion dollar HK listed company. I also represented China Railway and Rolling Stock Corporation CRRC’s mining division as their external consultant in Australia during the same time. 

From 2016, I started managing a portfolio of family offices. I also represent Hurun Report in Australia as the Vice Chair and am responsible for the yearly community engagement events. Hurun Report is the world’s largest rich list provider for over 20 years, - the authority in tracking China’s most wealthiest individuals since 1999. The brand activation in Australia includes a yearly Chinese New Year (CNY) event series - the most anticipated CNY celebrations in Australia. We celebrate CNY with our communities and also recognise individuals and organisations who have made significant contributions to the bilateral relationships in various of sectors. 

I have always loved art since I was little. I still remember my first artistic experience, I was about 4 or 5, using a wax crayon, I drew a big circle and some goldfish in the circle, then I used water colour filled that circle in blue, so there it was, my beautiful gold fish swimming in my very own fish bowl. I loved drawing then, I could go where I wanted, be what I wanted. Then as I grew up, just like everyone else, with expectations, pressure…. things got a bit complicated, life is no longer wax crayon or water colours.. this is one of the reasons I have so much respect for artists whose lives are all about art, expressing themselves, their feelings, emotions, all through this powerful medium… a medium which can connect people without the boundary of language, culture and geography.

I have been a proud patron at many art and cultural institutions. Currently, I am a member of council at VisAsia, part of the Art Gallery of New South Wales promoting Asian culture and visual arts; a supporter and ambassador of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; an ambassador of the Australian Ballet and a Board Director at Australia China Art & Culture Foundation.

Something that I have coming to learn more in recent years - Climate change: it's a subject you can't avoid, and you're only going to hear more about it as the world continues to feel the heat. The causes of climate change are everywhere, from the clothes you wear to the burgers you eat -  human activity following the industrial revolution - like burning fossil fuels, pollution, deforestation and modern farming practices - all these activities in the past 50 years have directly resulted in increasing the temperature of the earth. Under the leadership of one of the world’s most respected pioneer in sustainability and philanthropy Susan Rockefeller - my dear friend and mentor, I am honoured to promote sustainability in Australia, through our social action initiative: Protect What is Precious. 

I travel between Australia and Asia extensively to promote cultural exchanges and collaborations - connecting, engaging and empowering the nextgen future leaders. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit me, sending you very best wishes!